BOX – Connect puzzle game

Box Connect puzzle game is a very simple fun and challenging game. There are many different levels and each level gets more and more difficult to figure out.

Box connect puzzle game

Connect the box to the box without following the same path. This is a simple, fun, and very challenging game. Each level is more and more challenging. Touch from one box to the next until all boxes have been touched to win each level.

The app is Free to play in return for ads from sponsors. You can play it on the Google Play Store.

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Valentine Pixel Art Creator

Valentine Pixel Art Creator is a pixel creation app for making pixel art. There are different drawings that challenge your creative abilities.

This app encourages Creativity by showing how pixel art is created. It is great for all ages. It is my second most popular app on the play store.

The app is Free in return for ads from sponsors. You can get the app at the Google Play Store. 

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Fill The Glass – Draw Lines

This is probably the most challenging game I have right now. Fill the glass by drawing lines to help the liquid go in the right direction. Really enjoyable game. Each level gets more challenging. Wonderful game for the mind and kids.

Glass of water

It is free to play in return for ads from sponsors.  In this game you draw a line between where the water is going and the glass to fill the glass and go to the next level. This is very fun and is simple enough for all ages.

Go to Google Play Store to get the app.

Here is the link:

Rise Up Emoji

This is the first App I put on the Google Play Store. It is quite fun to play, but the graphics could be better. I got a review complaining about the graphics. I will try to update the game with better graphics soon.

Rise Up Emoji (top free game on Android) is one of the most challenging and fun games of 2018.

Protect your Emoji with your shield while it’s rising up! Beware of the obstacles.

rise up emoji game app
Rise Up Emoji

Move your shield with one finger to protect your Emoji. Clear your way as you reach higher and higher!

Shield control is very easy, but it is very hard to reach high scores!

Rise Up Emoji is a simple touch based game. You have to avoid hitting your emoji to get to next level. Difficulty of game increases with each level. Fun game for everyone.

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